Smoothie Basics for Better Health

Healthy Smoothie Basics

First you will need a blender. High speed blenders work best but you can certainly attain a great smoothie in a regular blender. 

1. Add the liquid first. About 1/2 Cup to start. Then you can add more if needed. The liquid required depends on the liquid in the other ingredients you will add. Use ONLY plant based milks or raw unpasteurized juice. Water works too! For optimal health use a homemade plant based milk. 

2. Add fresh for frozen fruit. Typically 1 Cup to start. 

3. Add greens, a handful works well as a good measure. 

4. If you want to sweeten, the healthiest way is with raw dates (take the pits out first). Other natural sweeteners include:

5. Add supplements or protein powder last. Add things like:

Blend away! 


  • If you want a frosty shake, add  a handful of ice or use all frozen fruit. 
  • To get a perfect measure, use the cup/glass you plan to drink out of to measure the liquid/ice/fruit you are going to blend. Once glass is full, pour into blender. Then add your greens and any supplements. Blend away!
  • Do not add any processed sugars
  • No dairy, there is always a plant based alternative!
  • No pasteurized juice, this is like adding processed sugar to your drink. Use only raw unpasteurized juices.
  • Drink right away for maximum nutrient absorption.



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